Inspired by nature, simplicity and precise functionality, ALTWOOD’s mission is to help you navigate the path of creating the ideal space for your unique life. From textiles to tableware, to custom handmade furniture, we’re here to inspire you to make thoughtful, intentional decisions as you bring objects into your home and begin to create a space that is a direct reflection of who you are.

At ALTWOOD you will find a collection of our favorite creations by some of the most talented makers out there. We've cultivated lasting partnerships with these incredible artists and are so grateful for the opportunity to offer these timeless treasures to you.

The ALTWOOD furniture line emphasizes functionality and  a modern aesthetic. Each piece is designed with utility in the forefront while also showing the craft of its construction. These choices bring together clean lines and geometric shapes that represent a simplified form; ALTWOOD's overall mission.  This line is spatially unobtrusive, giving each piece a timelessness that can coexist in any space.